Who We Are

Madeline Low, Managing Partner

UTILITYnet was launched by Madeline Low in 1978 as a electricity data management company focused on providing services to Alberta Oil & Gas companies. Since then, the company has seen over four decades of Alberta's energy market. Together, Madeline and business partner, Nick Clark have combined their skills and passions to make UTILITYnet the successful business it is today.

The growth and success of UTILITYnet has been based on innovation, accuracy in the data management process and the willingness to continue to invest in new consumer retail ideas, products and self-retail services.

Since UTLITYnet's inception, Madeline and Nick have introduced the consumer advantage of buying electricity based on the real time spot market, created a private investment fund for micro-generators of solar power, made it more affordable for seniors to purchase energy, paved the way for consumer investment in Renewable Energy in Alberta, made it possible for entrepreneurs, municipalities and cooperatives to enter Alberta's retail energy market, and more.

We have grown and evolved with Alberta’s energy industry