Opinion: Low renewable energy prices shouldn't have been shocking
By: Sara Hastings-Simon, Edmonton Journal | Jan 9, 2018
The recent renewable energy procurement in Alberta has garnered much well-earned hype. It delivered wind power at prices that are a record low for Canada at an average price of $37/megawatt hour - cheaper than natural gas.
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Albertans saw big energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in 2017: governmment
By: Alyssa Julie, 770 CHQR | Jan 5, 2018
The NDP government says Albertans have saved some $300 million in energy costs and avoided almost three million tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 as a result of its energy efficiency programs, but an Independent Alberta pollster suggests Albertans may not see these numbers as a huge success.
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Varcoe: Alberta power prices and consumer surcharge heading higher
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Jan 4, 2018
Alberta electricity consumers can expect to see a couple of surprises in their monthly bills in 2018: higher power prices and increased charges from the Balancing Pool.
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Coal power starting to go offline in Alberta as shift to cleaner energy picks up
By: Tom Vernon, Global News | Jan 2, 2018
The turn of the calendar to 2018 saw TransAlta retire one of its coal power generating units at its Sundance plant west of Edmonton and mothball another as it begins the transition to cleaner sources of energy.
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A 'very, very short lived' rally: Alberta natural gas prices soar 72% as wells freeze, cutting off supplies
By: Geoffrey Morgan, Calgary Herald | Jan 2, 2018
The deep freeze currently chilling most of North America is providing a boost to beleagured natural gas producers, but analysts believe the colder temperature would need to last for months for prices to improve further.
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Paula Simons: Alberta consumers cash in on electricity surplus
By: Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal | Dec 29, 2017
This Thursday, Dec.28, Alberta set a new mark for electricity use. We hit an all-time record high of 11,473 MW. That surpassed the 2016 record by 15 MW.
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Here's how Alberta's carbon tax increase will affect you in 2018
By: Andrea Ross, CBC News | Dec 28, 2017
From rebates to heating bills to prices at the pumps, here's what Albertans will pay come Jan. 1.
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Alberta renewable revolution begins with launch of largest solar project in Western Canada
By: Kyle Bakx, CBC News | Dec 22, 2017
$30-million solar array will power 3,000 homes in southeast Alberta.
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Alberta wind power auction blows 'old renewable energy myths out of the water'
By: The Canadian Press | Dec 13, 2017
Bids in an auction to pick renewable energy projects were so attractive that the Alberta government decided to back proposals to build 600 megawatts of new generation, 50 per cent higher than its goal of 400 MW.
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Gunter: NDP deserves credit for renewable energy price, but program still flawed
By: Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun | Dec 13, 2017
First things first, the price the NDP government got for 20 year contracts for renewable energy was a good price - for wind power.
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Alberta renewables auction record-setting success
By: The Alberta Government | Dec 13, 2017
Renewable electricity in Alberta will keep power affordable thanks to record-low auction prices and strong investor confidence.
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Varcoe: Low prices expected as province to pick renewable power projects
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Dec 12, 2017
How low can renewable energy prices go? That will be the billion-dollar question for Albertans when they find out Wednesday which projects have been selected by the NDP government in the first auction for renewable power contracts.
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TransAlta fast-tracks green transition, expects up to $50M in carbon credit windfall
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Dec 7, 2017
TransAlta Corp. will fast-track its transition to cleaner power - with forecasts of handsome government rewards for its renewables portfolio - and plans to mothball some coal plants in the near term, which is expected to boost low electricity prices.
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Varcoe: Alberta's new carbon tax on industry will cut emissions, but drive up costs
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Dec 7, 2017
Two things are apparent coming out of the provincial government's big annoucement Wednesday about changes to overhaul its carbon tax on big industrial operations.
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Alberta's carbon tax on high emitters met with praise, concerns about power price hikes
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Dec 6, 2017
Alberta's revamped carbon tax for large industrial emitters received some praise Wednesday, but there was also fears the plan could drive up electricity costs for consumers while eroding industry's ability to compete with global players that don't face the same levies.
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Government report warns carbon tax, methane rules will slam oil and gas sector: Opposition
By: Chris Varcoe & Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Dec 6, 2017
Alberta's carbon tax and methane emission rules could cost the oil and gas sector billions of dollars in the coming years, potentially eroding industry competitiveness, according to a leaked government report obtained by the official Opposition.
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Exclusive: Carbon tax overhaul will cost Alberta's big industry $1.2B by 2020
By: Reid Southwick & Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Dec 6, 2017
Alberta's carbon tax will cost large industrial emitters - from oilsands mines to fertilizer plants - a total of $1.2 billion a year by 2020, but the NDP government isn't projecting job losses as a result of the sweeping new levy.
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Alberta pledges $1.4 billion for industry climate change initiatives
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Dec 5, 2017
Alberta's NDP government is creating a new $1.4-billion fund to help industry reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovation and technology.
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The high cost of cheap electricity: Don Pittis
By: Don Pittis, CBC News | Dec 4, 2017
A glut of electric power means rock bottom wholesale prices that leave taxpayers on the hook.
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Alberta's economic future in peril without shift away from fossil fuel, University of Waterloo professor says
By: Gordon Kent, Edmonton Journal | Nov 8, 2017
Alberta's needs to start shifting quickly out of the oilsands to avoid serious economic trouble as the world moves away from fossil fuels, a University of Waterloo professor says.
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Renewable energy jobs provide new opportunities for Alberta workers
By: Dan McGarvey, CBC News | Nov 3, 2017
Trades and careers in renewable energy, like wind and solar power, could play a part in easing Alberta's employment crunch - providing jobs in the near future and for decades to come.
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Alberta environment minister on Canadians hitting peak fossil fuel use in 2019
By: Trish Audette-Longo, National Observer | Oct 27, 2017
Alberta's environment minister says the province - known for its oil and oilsands production - will have a big stake in an energy future that shifts to renewables.
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Solar projects brighten Calgary's future
By: The Alberta Government | Oct 27, 2017
The program has helped Calgary add more than 2.3 megawatts of energy capacity to six public buildings using solar power, including the Glenmore and Bearspaw water treatment plants, the Mount Pleasant Fire Station, an organic composting facility and two other buildings in Calgary.
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Natural gas industry in 'precarious' position as prices dive
By: Kyle Bakx, CBC News | Oct 26, 2017
Natural gas prices have slumped for several years in Western Canada, but hit a new low this summer.
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Solar projects power communities
By: The Alberta Government | Oct 25, 2017
Solar panels have been added to community league buildings in Belgravia, Riverdale, Evansdale and Queen Alexandra. Ridgewood Community League will install them in the spring.
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Province downplays bird death issue as it expands wind power
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Oct 15, 2017
Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says Alberta is taking precautions to ensure minimal effects on bird and bat populations as it expands the use of wind power in the province, but says allegations that wind energy is a major killer of winged wildlife have been vastly overblown in the past.
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Majority remain opposed to Alberta carbon levy, but opposition softening, study shows
By: Yolande Cole, Calgary Herald | Oct 11, 2017
After nine months of the provincial government's carbon levy and rebate policies, the majority of Albertans remain opposed to the program, a newly released study indicates.
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Canada and the United Kingdom announce a global alliance on coal phase-out
By: The Government of Canada | Oct 11, 2017
Today, we annouce that Canada and the United Kingdom (U.K.) will champion a global alliance on the transition from unabated coal-fired electricity at next month's United Nations climate change meetings in Bonn, Germany.
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Indigenous communities embracing clean energy, creating thousands of jobs
By: Margo McDiarmid, CBC News | Oct 11, 2017
An increasing number of Indigenous communities are becoming partners in renewable energy projects in Canada and creating thousands of jobs as they do it.
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U of A researcher studies geothermal energy potential in Alberta
By: Adam Lachacz, The Gateway | Oct 9, 2017
The future of geothermal renewable energy is being spearheaded by University of Alberta researchers. The university is developing new energy options thanks to $75 million in funding for the Future Energy Systems initiative.
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Wind energy a key to energy transition
By: The Canadian Wind Energy Association | Oct 3, 2017
More than 1,200 gather in Montreal for Canada's largest wind energy conference and exhibition.
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More instant savings for energy-efficiency products
By: The Alberta Government | Sept 28, 2017
Albertans bracing for colder months will have more help lowering their utility bills, thanks to another round of instant savings on energy-efficient products.
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Selling Electricity for Nothing in Alberta: More Zero Dollar Hours in 2017
By: Kent Howie & Peter Bryan , Alberta Power Market | Sept 20, 2017
Earlier this month the National Energy Board (NEB) issued a news release drawing attention to the fact that Alberta wholesale electricity prices have already set an annual report this year for the number of hours that generators receieved zero dollars for the power they generated.
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Balancing Pools saves $500M by cancelling PPAs, but power bills expected to rise
By: Chris Varcoe , Calgary Herald | Sept 18, 2017
The Alberta Balancing Pool has decided to terminate two power agreements that should help save consumers about $500 million, although the move is also expected to push up electricity prices in the next two years.
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Strong investor interest in renewables program
By: The Alberta Government | Sept 15, 2017
Alberta moves one step closer to its target of 30 per cent renewable energy by 2030 as round one of the Renewable Electricity Program enters the request for proposals stage.
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Vulcan builds Canada's first solar park
By: David Dodge & Dylan Thompson, Pembina Institute | Sept 8, 2017
It seems fitting that Vulcan, Alberta, is home to the first solar park in Canada. After all this small town of fewer than 2,000 people loves making science reality out of science fiction.
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Carbon tax to shrink economy by $3 billion, hurt loonie, study warns
By: Jesse Snyder, Financial Post | Sept 6, 2017
The introduction of a federal carbon tax could "shrink" Canada's GDP by as much as $3 billion in 2018 and lead to a slight depreciation of the Canadian dollar, a new report says.
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Market Snapshot: Alberta wholesale electricity prices in 2017 set record for number of $0 hours
By: National Energy Board | Sept 6, 2017
As of 31 July 2017, Alberta has already experienced a record of 41 hours, in 2017, when the wholesale electricity price settled at $0 per megawatt hour.
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Carbon Pricing ALone Can't Meet Canada's GHG Emission Reduction Targets
By: The Conference Board of Canada | Sept 6, 2017
Carbon pricing will help Canada reduce emissions but the reductions will fall short of the government's goal of a 30 per cent reduction from 2005 levels by 2030.
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Alberta's transmission system upgrade: Was it worth the price?
By: Tom Vernon, Global News | Sept 6, 2017
Alberta's electricity transmission system has seen an unprecedented level of investment over the past decade. But some people say the billions of dollars spent on new lines far exceeds what is actually needed.
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Edmonton plans to buy only electric transit buses beginning in 2020
By: Lydia Neufeld, CBC News | Sept 5, 2017
Edmonton plans to stop buying diesel transit buses and only buy electric buses in three years, according to the Edmonton Transit Service.
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AESO Issues It's Long-Term Outlook For Electricity in Alberta
By: Kent Howie, Alberta Power Law | Sept 5, 2017
At least every two years the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) shares with the market its long-term (20 year) forecast of Alberta's electricity demand and the generation capacity needed to meet that demand.
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Cold Lake First Nations goes solar
By: The Alberta Government | Aug 28, 2017
Cold Lake First Nations will install solar energy panels on five of its buildings this fall with funding from Alberta's Indigenous Solar Program.
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Despite scorching summer, Calgary power usage remains low
By: Shawn Logan, Calgary Herald | Aug 23, 2017
It may go down as Calgary's hottest summer on record, but the city's chief energy provider says electricity usage has been significantly lower than average.
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Varcoe: For Alberta, economic recovery collides with listless energy prices
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Aug 23, 2017
Economic hope collides with lethargic oil prices. That should be the headline on the Notley government's first-quarter financial update.
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Solar power at Banff recreation centre will save $15K per year, town says
By: CBC News | Aug 22, 2017
The Town of Banff's biggest consumer of electricity will now get 20 per cent of it from solar power, thanks to the installation of the largest solar photovoltaic system in the Bow Valley.
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Calgary expects electric vehicle strategy by 2018, sees interest in regional EV charging network
By: Yolande Cole, Postmedia Network | Aug 20, 2017
The City of Calgary is a small step closer to formulating a strategy for electric vehicles.
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Government agency's presence in Alberta's power market could spook investors, report warns
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Aug 17, 2017
An arm's-length government agency is now a massive player in Alberta's power market, raising new fears that its growing presence will scare away investment and potentially drive up costs for consumers.
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Varcoe: Another puzzler in power contract mess that could save Albertans $209M
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Aug 17, 2017
New documents show the Alberta Balancing Pool's board of directors didn't accept internal advice this spring to take measures that could eventually save consumers between $188 million and $209 million.
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Enmax accuses NDP of political interference as it launches lawsuit against Balancing Pool over PPAs
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Aug 1, 2017
In a new lawsuit, Enmax is ramping up its electricity dispute with the NDP government, accusing the province of interfering with Alberta's Balancing Pool, an arms-length agency.
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Alberta sets summer electricity usage record
By: Caley Ramsay, Global News | July 27, 2017
As temperatures soared across the province on Thursday, so too did the amount of electricity used. Alberta set a new summer record for electricity consumption on Thursday, using 10,852 MW of power, according to the Alberta Electric System Operator.
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Alberta faces labour crunch in power market transformation: HR group
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | July 25, 2017
Amid fears of a looming labour shortage in Alberta's electricity market, the province has commissioned a year-long study to identify workforce gaps before the grid is upended with greener sources of power.
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Southern Alberta farm uses solar energy to power irrigation pivots
By: Katelyn Wilson, Global News | July 21, 2017
With technology constantly changing, one farm south of Grassy Lake decided to pave the way for a new type of farming.
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Energy rebate program slow to bring discount promises to light, businesses say
By: Janet French, Edmonton Journal | July 20, 2017
A government program to encourage Alberta businesses, non-profits and institutions to replace energy inefficient lights and heating has brought some suppliers' sales to a standstill.
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Varcoe: Balancing Pool's bid to save $500M in PPA mess could trigger higher power prices
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | July 14, 2017
The province's debacle over power purchase contracts is slowly lurching to an ignominious end.
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Solar industry already hiring just weeks after rebate announcement
By: Rob Csernyik | July 14, 2017
The future is looking bright for solar energy careers in Alberta. Just weeks after the official launch of Energy Efficiency Alberta's two-year, $36 million residential and commercial solar program, the industry is already hiring.
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Opinion: Now is the time for a western Canadian electricity grid
By: Dennis Woodford | July 11, 2017
Trading in electricity between the western provinces - is it effective?
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'It'll be a no-brainer': Edmonton's solar pioneer predicts exponential growth
By: Sarah Kraus, Global News | July 8, 2017
During this heatwave, it's tough to avoid the sun - and that's great news for those with solar panels on the roofs.
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Alberta is greenest it's ever been under the NDP and that will be tough to undo
By: Kyle Bakx & Tracy Johnson, CBC News | July 3, 2017
6 months into carbon plan, Alberta's changes look made to last, no matter what party governs province.
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Indigenous communities shape climate leadership programs
By: The Alberta Government | June 29, 2017
New provincial programs will help Indigenous communities cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy bills and create jobs.
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Oil majors embracing push to green energy: Wood Mackenzie
By: Geoffrey Morgan, Financial Post | June 12, 2017
Major oil and gas producers will put more of their capital into wind and solar developments as returns from renewables are poised to exceed some hydrocarbon projects, according to a report from Wood Mackenzie.
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Varcoe: First renewable power auction draws 'exceptional' interest, says AESO
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | June 8, 2017
Like an intricate Rube Goldberg device - the confounding idea behind the Mouse Trap board game - Alberta's strategy to remake the province's electricity system has many moving parts.
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Facing $2.6B in losses, why hasn't Balancing Pool cancelled PPAs?
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | June 7, 2017
Albertans can avoid paying almost $1 billion in future losses if the province's Balancing Pool terminates money-losing power purchase arrangement it now controls.
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Alberta opposition parties critical of electricity rate cap
By: Brenda Neufeld, Global News | May 24, 2017
The province's opposition parties say Albertans should not be fooled into thinking a new electricity rate cap announced by the NDP government is going to save them money.
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New Alberta bill enables consumer price cap on power bills
By: Michelle Bellefontaine, CBC News | May 23, 2017
The Alberta government introduced a bill Tuesday that will allow it to place a cap on regulated electricity rates for the next four years.
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New energy rebates mean big cost savings
By: The Alberta Government | May 18, 2017
Businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions can save hundreds of dollars annually with a new energy efficiency rebate program.
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Alberta Balancing Pool under investigation over controversial power deals
By: Reid Southwick & Chris Varcoe | May 10, 2017
Alberta's electricity market watchdog is investigating a provincial agency for its handling of controversial power contracts that are losing billions of dollars.
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Alberta's electricity future blowin' in the wind
By: Nola Keeler, CBC News | May 9, 2017
Conference on wind energy told Alberta has great potential for more wind power
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Two thirds of Canada's electricity now comes from renewable energy
By: Jesse Snyder, Financial Post | May 3, 2017
Canada substantially boosted its renewable electricity capacity over the past decade, and has now emerged as the second largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world, a new report said Wednesday.
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Instant rebates for energy-efficient products
By: The Alberta Government | Apr 25, 2017
Albertans will save money with instant rebates at stores for energy-efficient home products, with a new retail campaign running April 28 to June 11.
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TransAlta speeding transition from coal to gas at Edmonton-area power plants
By: CBC News | Apr 20, 2017
TransAlta is accelerating plans to convert its coal-fired power plants to gas.
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Paula Simons: It's not that easy being green
By: Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal | Apr 20, 2017
In Alberta, we love free money. Homeowners will be eligble for up to $3,500 towards the cost of insulation, up to $1,500 for new windows, and up to $1,000 for a newhot water system.
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Varcoe: Energy CEOs pitch business case for Alberta's unloved carbon tax
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Apr 20, 2017
You don't have to go very far to find politicians, consumers or businesses unhappy with Alberta's new carbon tax.
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New Alberta energy efficiency rebate program crashes website within hours
By: Stuart Thomson, Edmonton Journal | Apr 19, 2017
It only took a few hours for Albertans curious about the government's rebate program for energy-efficient home upgrades to crash the website Tuesday with a spike in web traffic.
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Efficiency rebates support home improvements
By: The Alberta Government | Apr 18, 2017
A new Energy Efficiency Alberta program will support homeowners and local Alberta contractors through rebates for insulation, tankless hot water heaters and windows.
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Alberta touts success of solar power program for municipalities
By: CBC News | Apr 6, 2017
The Alberta government says its $5-million program to encourage municipalities to use solar energy is a success, with 18 participating communities receiving nearly $2 million in rebates so far.
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More than 80,000 signed up for Alberta's energy efficiency program
By: The Canadian Press | Apr 4, 2017
Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says people will be called soon about installation of free bulbs, night lights, A-V bars, shower heads and more.
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Rural landowners could be in for windfall as Alberta shifts to green energy
By: Amanda Stephenson, Calgary Herald | Apr 4, 2017
Alberta farmers who historically have profited from having oil and gas wells on their land have a new opportunity blowing in the wind, though experts advise landowners seek legal counsel before signing contracts.
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Alberta power companies hit with credit rating downgrades amid electricity market overhaul
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Apr 4, 2017
Two Alberta companies caught up in the NDP government's overhaul of the provincial electricity system were hit with credit rating downgrades Tuesday amid an uncertain outlook in the power market.
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Auditor general reviewing accounting around NDP electrical policy
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Mar 31, 2017
Alberta's auditor general is looking at whether the NDP government's changes to the province's electrical system have put it in control of what has been an arms-length agency.
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Review to explore greener community power generation
By: The Alberta Government | Mar 31, 2017
To make it easier for Albertans to generate their own electricity, the province will explore ways to enable more small-scale, community-owned generation from greener sources, such as wind or solar.
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Alberta borrowing more than $2B over four years to cover electricity losses
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Mar 30, 2017
The Alberta government plans to borrow more than $2 billion over four years to cover losses from power contracts, despite claims there are cheaper alternatives.
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New head of Energy Efficiency Alberta promises agency will have real impact
By: The Canadian Press | Mar 29, 2017
'We can have real impact in terms of both job creation and energy efficiency.'
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Alberta power grid operator prepares to accept green energy bids
By: CBC News | Mar 25, 2017
The operator of Alberta's electricity grid will start taking bids at the end of this month from companies interested in generating more renewable power. The provincial government wants to add 5,000 megawatts of renewable electricity by 2030.
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Opinion: Energy efficiency good for Alberta economy
By: David Dodge, Edmonton Journal | Mar 25, 2017
Benjamin Franklin's miserly maxim is as true today as it was in 1736: A penny saved is a penny earned. Or almost as true. In fact, a penny saved is worth more than a penny earned, once you account for income taxes.
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Alberta geothermal industry celebrates federal budget but challenges remain
By: Drew Anderson, CBC News | Mar 24, 2017
Advocates of geothermal energy in Alberta are celebrating this week's federal budget, which features tax incentives for development of the renewable energy, but that push might not be enough to get the industry running at full steam.
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Competition looks to create jobs and develop renewable energy resources
By: Ryan Rumbolt, Calgary Herald | Mar 24, 2017
The province's power grid operator wants companies to think green to supply Albertans with renewable energy.
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Budget 2017 lays foundation for Canada's clean growth economy
By: Pembina Institute | Mar 22, 2017
Pembina Institute reacts to the Government of Canada's 2017 budget.
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Varcoe: Alberta power reforms could cost more than $6 billion
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Mar 15, 2017
Around 500 people in the industry descended on Banff this week for the annual conference of the Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta to contemplate what an uncertain future holds for the sector.
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Calgary on path to become a hub for green energy;study
By: Aaron Chatha, Metro News | Mar 14, 2017
Calgary could become a premiere green energy hub in North America, according to a new study by environmental strategy group Delphi.
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Do solar panels make sense for Alberta homeowners?
By: Alanna Smith, Calgary Herald | Mar 3, 2017
What do we know about the Government of Alberta's solar rebate program? The Alberta government has created a $36-million solar rebate program to cut solar installation costs.
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Register now for no-charge energy efficiency program
By: The Alberta Government | Feb 28, 2017
A new Energy Efficiency Alberta program will make life more affordable for Alberta families by helping them conserve energy through the latest innovations, such as LED lights and power bars.
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Rebates to help Albertans tap solar resources
By: The Alberta Government | Feb 27, 2017
The Alberta government is creating a $36-million rebate program for solar installation on residential and commercial buildings.
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Calgary's proposed climate change strategy doesn't go far enough: councillor
By: Alanna Smith, Calgary Herald | Feb 21, 2017
As a city committee gets set to view a proposed climate change strategy, a veteran councillor believes the plan needs to be more aggressive.
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Carbon levy-boosted natural gas prices to be joined by big hikes in cost of electricity
By: Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Sun | Feb 17, 2017
Calgarians will soon be hit by a one-two punch of electricity and natural gas price increases, says utility companies and analysts.
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Infographic: A guide to your utility bill
By: Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Herald | Feb 17, 2017
Calgarians are closely watching their bills, particularly now during an economic downtown when every penny counts. Here's a quick primer on what each of the growing number of entries in the utility bill actually mean.
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$1.6 billion Fort McMurray transmission line project approved
By: Postmedia News, Edmonton Journal | Feb 12, 2017
A $1.6-billion transmission line project running from just west of Edmonton to the Fort McMurray area has been approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.
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New carbon tax prices came in as forecasted, says utility, province
By: Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Herald | Feb 10, 2017
The carbon tax portion of their heating bills has some Calgarians feeling burned.
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Alberta promotes environmental awareness
By: The Alberta Government | Feb 06, 2017
The provincial government is investing $600,000 to help people take action together on climate change.
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Making sense of Alberta's new energy efficiency program
By: Sara Hastings-Simon, Blake Shaffer & Trevor Tombe, Maclean's | Jan 31, 2017
Following a report by Alberta's Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel, the government announced a large program last week aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes, businesses, and non-profits.
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Closing Ontario coal plants didn't cut air pollution by much, says Fraser Institute
By: CBC News | Jan 17, 2017
The minimal benefits of shutting down all of Ontario's coal-fired power plants didn't justify the cost of the closures, according to a new study from the Fraser Institute.
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Will Canada Quit Its Low-Carbon Diet?
By: Todd Coyne, Alberta Oil Magazine | Jan 16, 2017
The Donald Trump administration threatens to leave progressive energy economies, like Canada's, out in the cold. But how serious is the threat, really?
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Companies increasing energy storage developments as renewables grow
By: Ian Bickis, The Canadian Press | Jan 16, 2017
The rise of renewable power has created a need for energy stroage that companies are fulfilling with underwater balloons, multi-tonne flywheels and decades-old designs.
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Many questions about green energy at the Calgary Renovation Show
By: Haley Jarmain, News Talk 770 | Jan 15, 2017
It seems that more Calgarians are open to the idea of energy efficient options in their homes and there's little doubt the new carbon tax is part of the reason.
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A bright future, partially obscured
By: Sharon Crowther, The Globe and Mail | Jan 13, 2017
Alberta's solar industry is experiencing exponential growth in every area but residential, where homeowners are still waiting on tax breaks to make the economics work.
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Here comes the sun: In less than a decade, solar power will likely be the cheapest option everywhere on Earth
By: Jessica Shankleman & Christopher Martin, Bloomberg News | Jan 3, 2017
Solar power is now cheaper than coal in some ports of the world. In less than a decade, it's likely to be the lowest-cost option almost everywhere.
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Here's how Alberta's carbon tax works and how it will affect your wallet
By: Emma Graney, Edmonton Journal | Jan 2, 2017
The carbon tax kicked in on Jan.1. at $20 per tonne. Here's what you'll see this year.
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A city split: Uncertainty around Alberta's new carbon tax
By: Emma Graney, Edmonton Journal | Jan 2, 2017
The towering red posts straddling the centre of Lloydminster are ground zero for the effect of Alberta's new carbon tax.
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Environment minister promises Albertans will soon see benefits of carbon tax
By: Keith Gerein, Edmonton Journal | Jan 2, 2017
The Notley government continued to press the case for its new carbon tax Monday, urging Albertans to look past the higher pump prices and focus on a number of forthcoming benefits.
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Carbon pricing pushes gas prices higher in Ontario, Alberta
By: Josh Dehaas, CTV News | Jan 1, 2017
Drivers in Ontario and Alberta rang in the new year with higher gas prices, as provincial carbon pricing schemes came into effect.
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Alberta government hints that more carbon tax relief is coming for farmers
By: Amanda Stephenson, Calgary Herald | Dec 29, 2016
Alberta's agriculture minister is not ruling out additional support for farmers concerned about the impact the province's upcoming carbon tax will have on their operations.
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Carbon tax expected to have minimal impact on Albertans' electricity bills
By: Robson Fletcher, CBC News | Dec 19, 2016
When Alberta's new carbon tax kicks in on Jan. 1, 2017, it will raise the price of gasoline for your car, diesel for your truck, propane for your barbecue and natural gas for your furnace.
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Alberta carbon tax calculator: How much will you pay - or get back?
By: Robson Fletcher, CBC News Interactives | Dec 16, 2016
This tool will help you estimate how Alberta's new carbon tax will impact you.
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Province settles power dispute with two more companies
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Dec 16, 2016
The Alberta government will avoid prolonged legal battles with two energy companies after settling disputes over cancelled power contracts, but there are few details surrounding the deals and the impacts on consumers.
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Varcoe: 'Not fully baked' - Alberta businesses fret as carbon tax nears
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Dec 15, 2016
On first blush, Debbie Foisy's business and Carl Rosenau's company have little in common.
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Notley says Alberta will be treated fairly under national carbon plan
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Dec 14, 2016
Premier Rachel Notley is dismissing concerns Alberta may be treated inequitably under the national climate framework agreed to by most of the provinces and the federal government last week.
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Albertans show concern about carbon levy during town hall on climate plan
By: Clare Clancy, Edmonton Journal | Dec 13, 2016
Environment Minister Shannon Phillips is reassuring Albertans that the province's climate leadership plan will benefit both the environment and their pocketbooks in the long term.
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Calgary rally against carbon tax draws Conservative leadership hopefuls
By: Yolande Cole, Calgary Herald | Dec 12, 2016
More than 1,000 Calgarians turned out to a rally Sunday demanding the NDP government scrap plans for its incoming carbon tax.
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PM hails national climate change deal, but without Saskatchewan, Manitoba
By: Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press | Dec 10, 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared victory Friday in his campaign to craft a national "framework" agreement on climate change - even though Saskatchewan and Manitoba refused to sign on to the deal and British Columbia claimed a major carve-out.
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Notley confident national climate plan can work for Alberta
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Dec 9, 2016
Premier Rachel Notley says Alberta is comfortable with the national climate plan agreed to Friday, even as two western Canadian provinces remained offside and she faced crticism over the deal from her provincial political foes.
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Cold snap smashing Alberta electricity use records
By: Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Herald | Dec 9, 2016
The persistent deep freeze over Alberta helping to topple electricity use records almost daily, says the body overseeing the power generation system.
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Plan to meet or exceed Canada's 2030 climate change target to be signed on Friday
By: Aaron Wherry & David Cochrane, CBC News | Dec 7, 2016
Canada's first ministers are finalizing the details of a national climate change strategy that will be officially announced at a high-level meeting in Ottawa on Friday, CBC News has learned.
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Varcoe: Oilpatch sees some positive news, but uncertainty awaits Alberta's economy heading into 2017
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Dec 7, 2016
The Alberta government received two economic gifts last week, but shouldn't be celebrating their arrival just yet.
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Optimism blooms in the oil patch, but the recovery is likely to be slow - and jobless
By: Claudia Cattaneo, Financial Post | Dec 7, 2016
Some optimism is returning in Canadian oila nd gas, but the recovery is expected to be slow, and mostly jobless, as surviving companies remain cautious.
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Alberta's NDP government will spend another $4.5 million on climate change ads
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Dec 7, 2016
The NDP government is putting $4.5 million toward a new advertising campaign for its controversial climate change plan, pushing the promotional price tag for the environmental initiative to nearly $9 million.
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Yedlin: Energy illiteracy alive and well in Canada
By: Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Herald | Dec 7, 2016
The response to last week's approval of two pipeline projects - Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion and Enbridge's Line 3 replacement - has exposed the lack of energy literacy in Canada that's exacerbated by a fragmented media and convenient ignorance of Alberta's climate plan.
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Panda, MacIntyre: Albertans will shoulder the cost of NDP need for approval
By: Prisad Panda & Don Macintyre, Wildrose Party | Dec 6, 2016
The cost of the NDP interfering in our electricity system will be in the billions of dollars. The government's ideological decision to wipe out coal generation in our province will mean the end of lower power prices like we are paying today and higher taxes.
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Varcoe: Alberta's power plan adds up to several billion bucks, or more
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Dec 2, 2016
Questions: How much is the province's power plan going to cost Albertans?
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Government borrowing hundreds of millions to cover losses in power market
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Nov 30, 2016
The Alberta government says it will take out a loan worth hundreds of millions of dollars to help cover losses from cancelled electricity contracts.
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Yedlin: Pipeline approvals put Canada's energy future in much clearer focus
By: Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Herald | Nov 29, 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to the astonishment of many Albertans, did something Tuesday that arguably put the legacy of his father's National Energy Program firmly to bed and more importantly defined Canada's energy future.
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Trudeau credits Alberta NDP climate change plan for paving the way to Trans Mountain approval
By: James Wood, Postmedia | Nov 29, 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has given the green light to two out of three major pipelines that will ship oil out of Alberta, crediting the provincial government's climate change plan for paving the way for projects that are in the national interest.
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Power consumers in Alberta to foot balancing pool bill
By: Emma Graney, Edmonton Sun | Nov 29,2016
Your power bill will see an extra monthly charge starting Jan. 1 to help cover the costs of Alberta's balancing pool as it runs out of cash.
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Alberta makes changes to electricity pool as it moves away from coal
By: The Canadian Press | Nov 29, 2016
The Alberta government is making more changes to how it handles electricity as it transitions out of coal-fired power.
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Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion wins conditional approval; Enbridge proposal rejected
By: Peter O'Neil, Rob Shaw & Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun | Nov 29, 2016
In what is likely to be one of the landmarks decisions of his first term in office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the conditional approval of one oil pipeline megaproject to B.C. - and put the brakes on the other.
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Shaffer: Electricity: There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear
By: Blake Shaffer, Calgary Herald | Nov 27, 2016
It was quite the week for Alberta electricity policy. There's no shortage of changes, but what are we to make of it all? Moreover, what do some of these things even mean?
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TransAlta moving ahead with hydro project after deal on coal shutdowns
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Nov 25, 2016
TransAlta Corp. says it will move ahead with a new hydro power project in central Alberta after the provincial government agreed to financial compensation for shutting down coal-fired plants far ahead of schedule.
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Retailers outraged over changes to Alberta's power market
By: Reid Southwick, Calgary Herald | Nov 23, 2016
A company that sells power to Albertans warns that major changes coming to the electricity market will hike costs for consumers while squeezing retailers.
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Alberta switching to "capacity market" as it moves away from coal-fired electricity
By: News Talk 770 | Nov 23, 2016
Alberta is changing the way it produces and pays for electricity. Speaking at the Alberta legislature on Wednesday, Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd said the province is moving away from full deregulation to what's known as a capacity market.
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Editorial: NDP must be careful with electricity changes
By: Calgary Herald Editorial Board | Nov 23, 2016
The NDP appears ready to overhaul Alberta's deregulated electricity market, raising the spectre that consumers may end up paying more to keep the lights on.
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Canada's infrastructure bank to build electricity connections between provinces
By: Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press | Nov 22, 2016
The Trudeau government intends to use its new infrastructure bank to finance a "nation-building effort" to build clean electricity systems between provinces and territories.
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Albertans opposed to excelerated phase-out of coal-fired power: study
By: Alyssa Julie, News Talk 770 | Nov 22, 2016
Three-quarters of Alberta entrepreneurs are opposed to an expedited phase-out of coal-fired electricity, according to a new study.
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NDP closing in on PPA settlements with some utilities: government source
By: Chris Varcoe & James Wood, Calgary Herald | Nov 22, 2016
The Notley government says it's close to settling with some of the province's largest utilities to end months of conflict - and litigation - over the ongoing power purchase arrangements controversy, but Calgary utility Enmax flatly denies any deal has been struck.
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Notley promises to cap electricity prices to protect consumers from volatility in power market
By: Emma Graney, Edmonton Journal | Nov 22, 2016
The provincial government will cap electricity prices by June 2017 to protect consumers from volatility in the power market.
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Alberta applauds federal plan to phase-out coal power by 2030
By: The Canadian Press | Nov 21, 2016
Alberta's environment minister says a federal plan to phase out coal-fired electricity helps validate the province's own goal and demonstrates there's no going back.
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Layzell: Oilsands can improve efficiency of Alberta's power generation
By: David Layzell, Calgary Herald | Nov 19, 2016
Energy Efficiency Alberta, the provincial government's newest agency, is a welcome and important initiative. However, its mandate will not address the largest, most inefficient use of energy in the province: the way we generate electricity.
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Alberta government eyes power market overhaul
By: Reid Southwick & Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Nov 18, 2016
The NDP government is considering an overhaul of Alberta's deregulated electricity market, a major change some observers say could ultimately increase costs for consumers.
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Federal government releases long-term climate strategy but no mention of energy sector or pipelines
By: Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press | Nov 18, 2016
The federal government has released its long-term climate strategy with a caution that most Canadians - while sympathetic to the cause - don't yet understand the "magnitude of the challenge".
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Alberta ministers booed as they discuss climate-change plan with rural leaders
By: The Canadian Press | Nov 17, 2016
The Alberta government got a bit of a rough ride at a meeting with rural politicians in Edmonton.
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Notley defends government's handling of power contracts
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Nov 17, 2016
Premier Rachel Notley said Thursday that critics of her NDP government's handling of power contracts are off-base in their attacks.
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Capacity Market Questions and Answers
By: AESO | Nov 16, 2016
What is a capacity market? A capacity market is actually two markets in one: a market for providing capacity, or the ability to produce energy, and a market for the actual production and delivery of energy.
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Investors in Alberta's sights at UN climate change conference
By: Emma Graney, Edmonton Journal | Nov 14, 2016
Attracting the attention of investors is top of mind for Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips in Morocco this week at the United Nations climate change conference.
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Would Notley retroactively change power contracts signed 15 years ago? That's the fear
By: Geoffrey Morgan, Calgary Sun | Nov 14, 2016
Electricity companies in Alberta fear Premier Rachel Notley's government is preparing legislation to retroactively change power contracts signed 15 years ago, a move critics say would create an investment chill in the province.
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Alberta group demands plebiscite on carbon tax
By: CBC News | Nov 14, 2016
The Alberta group that recently organized rallies against the provincial carbon tax is hoping to get at least 500,000 signatures on its petition demanding a plebiscite on the carbon tax issue.
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Justin Trudeau's carbon cliches
By: Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun | Nov 12, 2016
When it comes to carbon pricing and green energy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to be mailing it in these days.
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TransCanada, No Longer A Pipe Dream
By: Tony Cardinalli, Seeking Alpha | Nov 11, 2016
Keystone Pipeline is back in play after a Trump victory. Pro-Forma Financial Statements get you to a fair valuation. Easy comps due to a potential clawback of the Keystone Pipeline impairment charge.
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What Donald Trump's presidency could mean for Alberta
By: Julia Wong, Global News | Nov 9, 2016
Donald Trump has only been the president elect for a few hours, but there are already concerns about the implications his presidency will have on Alberta.
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Calgarians join Alberta-wide rally against NDP carbon tax
By: Anna Brooks, Calgary Herald | Nov 5, 2016
Their message was clear: No Carbon Tax. That was one of the phrases stamped on signs by Calgary protesters participating in the Alberta-wide rally Saturday, led by opponents of the NDP government.
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Federal government has sent 'positive' signal on B.C.-Alberta hydro power line, says provincial energy minister
By: Peter O'Neil, Vancouver Sun | Nov 4, 2016
The Trudeau government has sent a "quite positive" signal that it is prepared to help finance a new transmission link to ship clean B.C. hydroelectric power to Alberta, according to provincial energy minister Bill Bennett.
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Alberta to buy 400MW of renewable power as it phases out coal
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Nov 3, 2016
Alberta will hold its first auction for renewable power contracts early next year as the NDP government moves on its strategy of having 30 per cent of the province's electrical supply coming from sources such as wind, solar and hydro by 2030.
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Solar stocks plunge as investors weigh oversupply
By: Carl Surran, Seeking Alpha | Nov 3, 2016
Price of solar stocks tumbled into a black hole today following severely bearish comments from First Solar's earnings conference call, as it reduced its 2016 forecast for sales and shipments, and cut its capital spending budget.
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Carbon levy funds a boon for renewable electricity grid
By: Pembina Institute | Nov 3, 2016
Pembina Institute, BluEarth Renewables and Greengate Power react to Alberta's commitment to use carbon levy funds to support renewable energy.
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Renewable electricity plan to create jobs, spur investment
By: The Alberta Government | Nov 3, 2016
The Alberta government will set clear timelines for developing renewable electricity like wind and solar, and a competitive bidding process structured to limit costs.
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Putting up solar panels? City of Calgary website pinpoints properties with best sun exposure
By: CBC News | Nov 3, 2016
If you've ever wondered if your house or office might be suitable for generating solar power, the city has some information you'll be interested in. The city has put what it calls a "solar potential map" on its website showing the potential yield for solar power for every building in Calgary.
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Renewable energy program to add 5,000 megawatts of capacity by 2030, says environment minister
By: CBC News | Nov 3, 2016
A renewable energy program generating wind, hydro, and solar power will add 5,000 megawatts of capacity to the province's grid, according to Environment Minister Shannon Phillips
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Braid: New NDP numbers on climate policy impact - consume with care
By: Don Braid, Calgary Herald | Nov 1, 2016
Before swallowing whole, examine carefully. That's the best advice for kids eating Halloween candy. It also works for adults reading the government's mini-paper on the economic impact of NDP climate change policy.
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Capital Power: Overpriced Political Risk
By: Spartan Value, Seeking Alpha | Oct 31, 2016
Company has a good case in litigation against the government. Early closure of coal plants could generate a payment for lost income. Environmental taxes create the opportunity for higher power prices via cost pass through.
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Government report puts positive economic spin on NDP climate plan
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Oct 31, 2016
The NDP government - facing continuing heat over its incoming carbon tax - said Monday that the provincial economy will take only a "relatively small" hit from its ambitious climate strategy, with potential greater benefits to follow.
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Federal government approves $1.3B Nova natural gas system expansion in Alberta
By: The Canadian Press | Oct 31, 2016
The federal government has conditionally approved an expansion of TransCanada's Nova Gas Transmission gathering system in northern Alberta.
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Alberta legislature to focus on climate change plan this fall
By: Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press | Oct 28, 2016
Alberta's climate change plan will be front and centre next week when politicans return to the legislature for the fall sitting.
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Province to fund solar panels for new schools
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Oct 26, 2016
Alberta's NDP government will make a small-scale investment to fund solar panels for up to 36 new schools, even as it faces continued questions about the large-scale costs involved with its move to increased renewable power.
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Alberta mulls setting green electricity target in law
By: Nia Williams, Reuters | Oct 25, 2016
The Alberta government is considering enshrining in law its target of generating 30 per cent of the province's electricity from renewable sources by 2030, said Shannon Phillips, the minister responsible for the climate change office.
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Alberta taps climate change fund to help farmers reduce CO2 emissions
By: The Canadian Press | Oct 24, 2016
Alberta is tapping into its industrial carbon levy fund to help the farm sector reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Christensen: When it comes to renewable energy, hydro should be wave of the future
By: Naomi Christensen, Calgary Herald | Oct 21, 2016
The Alberta government's rapid transition away from coal-fired electricity plants depends a great deal on developing renewable sources to replace them. It is also a reminder not to overlook the most reliable and affordable renewable option.
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MLA tempers flare after carbon tax worries derail discussion of agribusiness economics
By: Emma Graney, Edmonton Journal | Oct 20, 2016
A run-of-the-mill legislative committee meeting to talk about Alberta's economic future Thursday devolved into a carbon tax argument complete with verbal fisticuffs between two rival MLAs in the hallway of Edmonton's Federal Building.
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Albertans give NDP carbon tax thumbs down in new poll
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Oct 20, 2016
A new poll shows two-thirds of Albertans oppose the NDP government's new broad-based carbon tax but narrowly support its plan to quickly phase out coal-fired power.
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State of the province: Notley promises detailed coal phase-out plan coming this fall
By: The Canadian Press | Oct 19, 2016
Premier Rachel Notley says Alberta will roll out this fall specifics of its plan to phase out coal-fired electricity and promote renewable energy.
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Alberta Power Market Update
By: Kimberly Howard, Kimberly Macnab & Sean O'Neill, McCarthy Tetrault LLP | Oct 18, 2016
Last year's election ushered in Alberta's first regime change since 1971, resulting in a wave of policy changes involving renewable generation development, the phase-out of coal-fired generation, and emissions and carbon tax policy. This update captures certain key aspects to these changes and takes stock of things to come.
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Canadian renewable power share grows from 2% to 11%, says NEB report
By: Dan Healing, The Canadian Press | Oct 14, 2016
The National Energy Board says a renewable power project building spree between 2005 and 2015 took its share of overall generation in Canada from two per cent to 11 per cent.
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Braid: The NDP's new growth industry - advisory panels
By: Don Braid, Calgary Herald | Oct 14, 2016
Alberta is crawling with government-appointed advisory panels. Be careful stepping into bike lanes. You could get run over by Tzeporah Berman.
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Varcoe: Alberta embarks on tricky high-wire act on power reform
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Oct 11, 2016
The Alberta government is set to embark soon upon the equivalent of walking across a couple of live wires: phasing out more than half of the province's power supply that comes with coal while boosting renewable energy generation
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Canada plans C$50/ton carbon tax by 2022 to meet climate goals
By: Hi-Tech Chronicle | Oct 9, 2016
When the Gordon Campbell government made the carbon tax law, it promised it would be revenue-neutral, not the cash grab some feared.
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Braid: Testy first week shows hard slog to national carbon price
By: Don Braid, Calgary Herald | Oct 6, 2016
Ministers from three provincial governments walked out. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley was startled and unhappy.
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Alberta seeks solar farm proposals
By: The Alberta Government | Oct 6, 2016
The Alberta government is aiming to support the province's first solar farm to help meet its green power needs.
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Trudeau: carbon to cost $10 a tonne in 2018
By: The Canadian Press | Oct 3, 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pre-empted climate change negotiations with Canada's premiers, announcing that the federal government will impose a pan-Canadian floor price on carbon pollution.
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Germany to invest $23.6bn in smart grid by 2026
By: Metering and Smart Energy International | Sept 28, 2016
New regulations in Germany are expected to spur growth in the deployment of smart grid infrastructure in the country's power sector.
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'Ontarians have never been this angry': Poll respondents feel unprotected from power price increases
By: Ashley Csanady, National Post | Sept 28, 2016
Half of Ontario voters feel unprotected from price increases in the electricity system, a new poll shows.
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Direct Energy to answer utility bill questions face-to-face in Fort McMurray
By: The Canadian Press , Edmonton Journal | Sept 27, 2016
Direct Energy is sending customer service representatives to Fort McMurray to meet with residents who were hit with pricey utility bills months after fleeing May's wildfire.
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Reevely: Liberals cut green-energy plans again, betting against their own climate-change policies
By: David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen | Sept 27, 2016
Ontario's Liberal government on Tuesday announced it'll scrap plans to spend $3.8 billion on new green-energy contracts, hoping we won't need that electricity because the province's climate-change plans will turn out to be only somewhat successful.
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Wynne's axing of future green energy projects too little, too late
By: Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun | Sept 27, 2016
Of all the spending scandals Ontario's Liberal government has been involved in since 2003, none has been bigger than its mad pursuit of expensive, unreliable and unneeded wind, solar and biofuel energy.
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Ontario Liberals put brakes on renewable-energy projects
By: Richard Blackwell, The Globe and Mail | Sept 27, 2016
Ontario's renewable energy industry has been dealt a blow with the province's decision to cancel the latest round of green power projects.
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Varcoe: As Alberta's Balancing Pool bleeds money, government faces tough choices
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | Sept 21, 2016
Alberta's Balancing Pool is running out of money - and time - as it covers losses from the controversial return of unprofitable power purchase arrangements to its fold.
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Alberta eyes renewable energy boom with 5,000-megawatt target by 2030
By: Dan Healing, The Canadian Press | Sept 14, 2016
Alberta will offer financial aid to renewable power projects worth US$10.5 billion to achieve its goal of having 30 per cent of its power come from renewable sources by 2030, Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced Wednesday.
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The key to unlocking energy savings and new jobs
By: Sara Hastings-Simon, Pembina Institute | Sept 8, 2016
Government financing homeowners' upgrades removes financial hurdles to energy efficiency.
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Alberta open to talks on electricity dispute, but says consumers to be protected
By: Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press | Sept 4, 2016
'We've been open to conversion for quite some time,' deputy premier Sarah Hoffman says.
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Federal government could join Alberta's coal phase-out
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | Sept 2, 2016
Alberta appears to have a powerful new ally as the NDP government moves to end the use of coal-fired power in the province by 2030.
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Kerr: Nenshi is right - NDP power lawsuit is 'outrageous'
By: Fred Kerr, Calgary Herald | August 24, 2016
I don't always agree with Mayor Naheed Nenshi, but I am fully aligned with him on one issue. Nenshi has described the NDP government's lawsuit against Alberta power companies as "outrageous". He is absolutely right.
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Yedlin: NDP's $2B lawsuit compounds chill on investment
By: Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Herald | August 20, 2016
Questions continue to surround the true intent of the Alberta government's lawsuit challenging the legality of power purchase arrangements, and specfically a clause that allowed companies to return the contracts to the arm's length Balancing Pool.
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Canadian Solar Inc shares jump 19 per cent, but 'headwinds' exist as demand weakens
By: Geoffrey Morgan, Financial Post | August 18, 2016
Canada's largest solar panel manufacturer will re-open an Asian factory early next year that incurred "severe" damage from a tornado, the company announced Thursday when it reported second quarter results.
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A Dispatch from the road: Enron and the Power Boys played Ralph Klein's government for suckers
By: David Climenhaga, Alberta Politics | August 10, 2016
With the revelations about how Enron and like companies got what they wanted from Ralph Klein's government, are we seeing the sunset of Alberta's disastrous experiment with electricity "deregulation"?
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Brains behind Notley NDP climate change plan says no one figured to be in this electricity argy-bargy
By: Rick Bell, Calgary Sun | August 10, 2016
Because they didn't believe electricity prices would go this low, they didn't believe the electricity contracts would be unprofitable or become more unprofitable. Not even with a hike to the carbon levy and added costs to coal-fired electricity green-lighted by the Notley NDP government.
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Braid: Enmax breaks silence on NDP lawsuit, executive who worked for Enron
By: Don Braid, Calgary Herald | August 9, 2016
City-owned Enmax has hunkered down in public silence since the legal assault from the provincial government began.
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Yedlin: Lawsuit challenging cancellation of PPAs clouds investment view
By: Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Herald | August 9, 2016
Anger has followed the Alberta government's decision to take legal action against companies that exercised a clause in their power purchase arrangements (PPAs) to return the contracts to the provincial Balancing Pool.
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Government Action on Power Purchase Arrangements Undermines Alberta's Investment Climate
By: Edmonton Chamber of Commerce | July 28, 2016
The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is alarmed by the recent action taken by the Alberta government, challenging agreements it made with power companies more than a decade ago.
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NDP government spends $100,000 on advertising power contract lawsuit
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | July 28, 2016
The NDP government is spending $100,000 on an advertising campaign promoting its controversial legal action aimed at stopping power companies from off-loading money-losing power contracts back to the public.
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Varcoe: If NDP was in the dark about PPAs, why didn't someone turn on the lights?
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | July 28, 2016
The newly elected NDP government decided last year to hike the carbon levy on large greenhouse gas emitters such as coal-fired power plants, but now insists it wasn't told the move could potentially trigger billion-dollar consequences for consumers.
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Notley's lawsuit to stop power companies from leaving contracts 'could be a Monty Python script'
By: Claudia Cattaneo, Financial Post | July 27, 2016
The Alberta government's clumsy attempt this week to protect consumers - i.e. increasingly hostile voters - from the consequences of its aggressive climate change policy is backfiring, with the NDP getting blowback the size of a Chinook for not knowing the terms of its own 16-year-old power contracts, then suing to dodge the costs.
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Alberta's complex power purchase arrangements and the NDP lawsuit, explained
By: James Wood, Calgary Herald | July 27, 2016
The NDP government dropped a bombshell this week as it launched legal action aimed at preventing power companies from returning money-losing contracts back to the province. The stakes are high, but the issues are complex. Here's a primer on the dispute.
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Court action launched to protect power consumers from paying costs of unlawful "Enron clause"
By: The Government of Alberta | July 25, 2016
The Government of Alberta took legal action today to protect Albertans from an attempt to offload business losses in the electricity market onto the public.
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Oilsands panel appointed by Alberta NDP government a dysfunctional group
By: Claudia Cattaneo, Financial Post | July 13, 2016
Alberta's NDP government moved forward Wednesday with an aspect of its climate leadership plan - a cap on oilsands emissions - by appointing a panel to provide advice on how to implement it.
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Varcoe: Power contracts pose headache for government, but Notley vows review
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | July 12, 2016
As the rain drizzled down on Premier Rachel Notley's annual Stampede breakfast on Monday, the power file continued to sizzle in the province.
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Are Canada's and Alberta's eco-obsessed, lib-left governments holding up our oil recovery?
By: Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun | July 7, 2016
According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and London's Financial Times, in the last two weeks there has been nearly $70 billion in oil investment announced around the world, but nothing of significance in Alberta or Canada.
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Opinion: Western power grid with tighter ties to hydro could boost Alberta's green push
By: Naomi Christensen, Edmonton Journal | June 28, 2016
In its ambitious plan to rapidly shift the province away from coal-fired electricity, the Alberta government has identified wind as the best source for the majority of its new renewable capacity. The province would do well to take a fresh look at hydro, delivered through an integrated western grid.
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Varcoe: Leaked forecast suggests climate plan could cost Alberta billions, but NDP says analysis is invalid
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | June 17, 2016
Alberta's climate plan could lead to 15,000 fewer jobs, a $4-billion drop in household income, as well as lower corporate profits, oil exports and overall economic activity.
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Canada fell "out of step" with planet in 2015 as clean tech investment plunged
By: Christopher Adams, National Observer | June 16, 2016
Alberta's investment in clean technology dropped 89 per cent in 2015 as part of a 15 per cent dip in investment nationwide, according to a Clean Energy Canada (CEC) report released Thursday.
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Built Green Canada Launches Third Annual Challenge to Municipalities
By: Marketwired | June 8, 2016
Concurrent to National Environment Week, Built Green Canada issued its third annual challenge to municipalities across the country to encourage sustainable building policies.
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Braid: Carbon levy passes, Albertans face taxing years ahead
By: Don Braid, Calgary Herald | June 7, 2016
The legislature (or rather, the NDP majority) passed the new carbon tax law Tuesday just before adjourning for the summer.
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TransAlta may double hydro and wind power production in Alberta - if prices increase
By: Jeremy Van Loon, Bloomberg | June 3, 2016
TransAlta Renewables Inc. is waiting for the right "market conditions" before reinvesting in its provincial hydropower and wind assets that would double the company's low-carbon generation in Alberta, according to Chief Executive Officer Brett Gellner.
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Varcoe: Province's renewables strategy faces several hurdles yet
By: Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald | June 3, 2016
Hope will not keep the lights on in Alberta in the years ahead. But can wind, solar, hydro and other sources of renewable energy do the trick as the province shuts down coal-fired power plants over the next 15 years?
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Edmonton's Community Energy Transition Strategy
By: The City of Edmonton | June 2, 2016
Edmonton's Community Energy Transition Strategy is a risk management strategy designed to make Edmonton an energy sustainable city.
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Billions expected to be spent on green energy in Alberta, Saskatchewan
By: Kyle Bakx, CBC News | June 2, 2016
With up to $50 billion to be spent on renewable energy projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan over the next 14 years, suppliers want details on how the money will be spent and which projects they can bid on.
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Enmax exec salaries, bonuses justified, says Nenshi
By: Trevor Howell, Calgary Herald | May 25, 2016
Mayor Naheed Nenshi defended seven-figure bonuses handed out to Enmax Corp. executives last year, contending the city-owned utility has to compete with the private sector in attracting and retaining top talent.
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Enmax exec gets $1.1M bonus pushing total compensation to $2.3M
By: Scott Dippel & David Bell, CBC News | May 20, 2016
A top executive at Enmax was paid a $1.1 million bonus in 2015 bringing his total compensation to $2.3 million, according to company documents.
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Enmax won't invest in new power plants without clarity on climate strategy
By: Steve Jenkinson, Calgary Herald | May 20, 2016
Enmax CEO Gianna Manes says the city-owned utility won't proceed with future power generation decisions while it awaits clarity on the effects of the province's climate strategy.
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Coming soon: Ontario's green energy fiasco, the sequel
By: The Globe and Mail | April 29, 2016
Late last year, Ontario's Auditor-General put out a report detailing the extent of the provincial government's mismanagement of the electricity system.
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Alberta could produce over 145,000 jobs by going green: report
By: Postmedia | April 24, 2016
Alberta could create more than 145,000 jobs by investing more heavily in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transit, a report by three environmental organizations says.
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Alberta's carbon tax: What we still don't know
By: Kyle Bakx, CBC News | April 24, 2016
Just eight months before Alberta's new carbon tax takes effect, the provincial government still has to iron out how some key pieces of the new program will work.
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Alberta's determined to follow Ontario into green-energy hell
By: Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun | April 23, 2016
It's little secret Alberta's NDP government intends to emulate the Ontario Liberals' green-energy policies - namely shutter all of the province's coal fired power plants and invest heaviliy in (read: subsidize like crazy) alternative, eco-friendly energy such as wind and solar.
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Power market watchdog fears posting prices hurts market competition
By: Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald | April 21, 2016
Alberta's power market watchdog is urging the Alberta Utilities Commission to ban hourly posting of spot market power price offers on the grounds that it can result in jacked-up electricity prices for Albertans.
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Electricity prices cheap in Alberta, for now
By: Kyle Bakx, CBC News | April 17, 2016
Electricity prices haven't been this low in Alberta in nearly 20 years, one of several developments in a very unstable and unpredictable sector in the province.
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How Manitoba's 'green' power dream became a nightmare of runaway costs
By: Graham Lane & Tom Adams, Special to Financial Post | April 14, 2016
Since the early 2000s, Manitoba's NDP government has committed the province's power system to expand and profit from the fight against global warming.
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Can you blame a straw for breaking the camel's back?
By: Benjamin Thibault, Pembina Institute | April 6, 2016
Has a single straw ever actually broken a camel's back? That this philosophical question applies to current events in Alberta's electricity system may surprise you. So might the answer.
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Prosecuting climate chaos skeptics with RICO
By: Paul Driessen, Canada Free Press | April 3, 2016
It's been a rough stretch for Climate Armageddon religionists and totalitarians. Real World science, climate and weather events just don't support their manmade cataclysm narrative.
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Campbell: Climate change plan is causing worry
By: Robin Campbell, Calgary Herald | April 2, 2016
We know that power prices, part of Alberta's competitive advantage, are going up, writes Robin Campbell. The government says the impact will be "negligble," but experts increasingly say otherwise.
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Alberta Government Has It Right - Coal Association Has It Wrong
By: Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans | April 2, 2016
The Coal Association of Canada has decided to fight the Alberta Government's climate change strategy to reduce carbon emissions. The Coal Association is, in effect, questioning the science and the facts that clearly indicate coal-fired electricity generation is one of Alberta's main culprits when it comes to carbon emissions.
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Premier signals a fight is on with utilities over dumping money-losing contracts on consumers
By: Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald | April 1, 2016
Premier Rachel Notley has signalled the NDP government has grounds to reject the move by several electrical utilities to dump money-losing contracts for coal-fired power onto consumers, writes Postmedia's Darcy Henton.
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Electricity prices dive as Alberta slump sharply cuts into demand growth
By: Dan Healing, Calgary Herald | April 1, 2016
Alberta spot power prices reached their lowest levels since 1997 in the first quarter of 2016 and are expected to remain at multi-year lows for the rest of the year and into 2017 due in part to the current economic slump, according to an investment bank report on Friday.
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Shutdown of plant prompts calls for look at power market
By: Darcy Henton, Postmedia | March 29, 2016
There are renewed calls to re-examine Alberta's deregulated power market Tuesday following the announced closure of a coal-fired electrical generator.
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Law prof says NDP faces 'uphill battle' to overturn power contract terminations
By: Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald | March 29, 2016
The NDP government's challenge of Enmax's decision to dump its unprofitable coal-fired power contract into the lap of consumers has little chance of success, says a University of Calgary law professor.
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A reality check for renewable energy
By: Scott Nyquist and James Manyika, McKinsey & Company | March 25, 2016
Wind,solar, and geothermal energy are growing rapidly. Yet the world's reliance on fossil fuels isn't changing any time soon.
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The Termination of Power Purchase Agreements in Alberta: What is the Legal Position and What are the Implications of Termination?
By: Nigel Bankes, ABlawg | March 24, 2016
In December 2015, Enmax announced it was "terminating" its interest in a power purchase arrangement (PPA) with the owner of the Battle River 5 coal plant subject to the PPA.
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Global CO2 emissions decouple from economic growth
By: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions | March 24, 2016
Global carbon dioxide emissions stalled for the second year in a row in 2015, despite an expanding economy over that period, according to the International Energy Agency, suggesting a possible decoupling of emissions from economic growth.
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Capital Power Terminates Sundance C Power Purchase Arrangement
By: Capital Power Corporation | March 24, 2016
Capital Power Corporation (Capital Power, or the company)(TSX: CPX) today announced that it is giving notice of its intent to terminate its role as Buyer of the Sundance C Power Purchase Arrangement (Sundance PPA, the Arrangement), effective March 24, 2016.
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The Many Flavors of Community-Scale Solar
By: Titiaan Palazzi, Joseph Goodman, and Thomas Koch Blank, Rocky Mountain Insitute | March 23, 2016
Community-scale solar has the potential to become the next market segment to present a real gigawatt-scale growth opporunity, as outlined in RMI's recent insight brief.
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Solar Marketing in the Digital Age
By: Philip Hall, Borrego Solar | March 23, 2016
Regardless of the role a PV business plays in the solar value chain, a solid marketing strategy in 2016 must do more with less.
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Plunge in power prices could scare away investors in new generation: industry observers
By: Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald | March 23, 2016
The dramatic plunge in electricity prices to record lows this year may make it difficult to attract investors to build new generation to replace early retiring coal plants, warn industry watchers.
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An Alberta solar boom is coming: Almost a billion dollars worth of projects are in development
By: Progress Alberta | March 23, 2016
Alberta on track for 2000 megawatts of solar by 2025, 385 megawatts in development pipeline right now.
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Coal Association president urges Notley government to slow coal phase-out
By: Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald | March 21,2016
A former Tory environment minister is down-playing the hazards of coal-fired power plants and urging the NDP government to slow down its plan to retire them early, but the current environment minister says that's not likely.
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Jobless oilsands workers look to alternative energy
By: CBC News | March 21, 2016
'Iron and Earth' ask province to commit to solar energy, retain workers.
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Balancing Pool to investigate impact of PPA terminations
By: Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald | March 18, 2016
An arm's-length provincial government entity is probing the termination of several coal-fired power contracts to determine the impact of the moves and the fate of the contracts.
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Energy analyst says coal phaseout could mean steep hike in power bills
By: Margeaux Morin, Global News | March 18, 2016
Get ready to see your power bill triple by 2021. At least that's the warning from one energy expert as the province pursues its plan to phase out coal power by 2030.
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Oldest commercial wind farm in Canada headed for scrapyard after 23 years
By: Dan Healing, Calgary Herald | March 15, 2016
The oldest commercial wind power facility in Canada has been shut down and faces demolition after 23 years of transforming brisk southern Alberta breezes into electricity - and its owner says building a replacement depends on the next moves of the provincial NDP government.
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Alberta emission policies shake up power industry
By: Martin Ignasiak & Jessica Kennedy, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP | March 10, 2016
On March 7, 2016 , TransCanada Corporation announced its plan to exit three Power Purchase Arrangements (PPAs) as a result of changing emissions laws in Alberta, which TransCanada claims have rendered the PPAs unprofitable.
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Alberta's Early Phase-Out of Coal Creates Risk of Utility Debt
By: Yogi Schulz, BOE Report | March 8, 2016
Alberta is the envy of the other Canadian provinces because it has no electrical utility debt. Most other provinces have chosen to burden future generations with debt so that the current generation can enjoy below-market electricity rates.
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TransCanada to cancel coal-power contracts over rising costs of emissions
By: Ian Bickis, The Canadian Press | March 7, 2016
TransCanada Corp. plans to end its agreements to buy power from three coal-fired plants in Alberta, saying the contracts are continuing to hurt their bottom line.
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Canada may already be carbon neutral, so why are we keeping it a secret?
By: F. Larry Martin, Special to Financial Post | March 2, 2016
Here's a seemingly simple question: Is Canada a net carbon dioxide emitter? You would think so from reading news headlines.
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'It doesn't make sense': Sherwood Park woman shocked by Direct Energy bill
By: Julia Wong, Global News | February 20, 2016
A Sherwood Park woman is not getting any answers from Direct Energy after her monthly bill nearly tripled in January.
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B.C. in talks to sell electricity to Alberta
By: Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun | February 11, 2016
B.C.'s energy minister says the federal government is keen to help build a new $1-billion power line between B.C. and Alberta that could allow for our provincial neighbours to transition off coal and onto B.C. electricity.
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ATCO to start offering home electricity and natural gas energy to Albertans
By: Trevor Robb, Edmonton Journal | February 3, 2016
After a decade on the sidelines, ATCO is now entering the home energy market.
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Alberta's new Cabinet focused on jobs, economic growth and diversification
By: Government of Alberta | February 2, 2016
Six new members were sworn in to Alberta's Cabinet on February 2, better equipping it to implement a robust policy agenda aimed at economic growth and diversification, while continuing to reflect Alberta's diversity and gender balance.
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New electricity plan a waste of Albertans' money
By: Clive Schaupmeyer, Lethbridge Herald | January 28, 2016
The government's new electricity plan will cost Albertans tens of billions of dollars directly and indirectly. Our money would be better spent on important needs.
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Homeowners could sell solar for profit under rule change
By: CBC News | January 23, 2016
Alberta is looking at changing regulations so that people who generate their own wind or solar electricity can earn money selling the excess electricity back to the power grid.
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Enmax terminates 'unprofitable' coal-fired electricity contract
By: Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald | January 18, 2016
City-owned Enmax has terminated its contract to buy electricity from the coal-fired Battle River power plant, saying historically low power prices and the NDP hike in the carbon tax for heavy carbon emitters has made the deal unprofitable.
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Edmonton's NAIT alternative energy program sees spike in registration as oil sector declines
By: Radio Active, CBC News | January 14, 2016
The number of applicants in NAIT's alternative energy technology program has nearly tripled since it started in Edmonton in 2011.
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Green energy biggest wealth-creating chance for Alberta, advocacy group says
By: Sheila Pratt, Edmonton Journal | January 12, 2016
Promoting green power to replace coal is the "biggest wealth-creation opportunity" available to the province and could create thousands of jobs, says an advocacy group, citing the results of an online poll.
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