10 Energy Tips to Help Save Money this Winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But my warm home is so delightful.
Wait, I need to keep my bills low!
Oh no no no no no.

Albertans were spoiled with above average temperatures this November, but the arrival of December and the holiday season brought with it the cold prairie temperatures we all know too well.

The drop in temperatures mean we all want to jack up our thermostats to keep warm, but keeping our utility bills as low as possible is a high priority. It's time to crack down on wasted energy.

Coming in the New Year, the Alberta Government will be giving the gift of energy efficiency to Albertans. Energy Efficiency Alberta, an agency established by the province, has announced three projects for homes, business and communities. Over the coming months, we hope to make UTILITYnet the go-to source for information related to these programs. We will show you how to take advantage of the products and services the government will be providing to help you save money on your utilities.

In the mean time, this doesn’t mean you need to bust out your hats, mitts and scarfs just to keep warm in your home and save a couple bucks. Follow these 10 energy saving tips we have put together and you can binge watch your favourite Netflix series in comfort this winter, without breaking the bank.

Deanna McArthur | Dec 08, 2016